Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sibling Class and Goodwill Find

My angel was not such an angel at sibling class today. In fact, he was a regular Dennis the Menace. The class was a little big with the seven 2 year olds including James. Generally, in this type of situation, the worst we expect from him is that he will not want to participate and will stick close to me. However, today, he chose to spin around in circles until he fell down. He did this a couple of times. I went to sit on the floor with the hopes that he would sit down with me. He did come to me, but he would not sit still. We were in the class room for about 30 minutes, then we went upstairs to see the nursery (and the babies) and we saw a post partum room. He was better during this time, but not great. Luckily, the other parents, who all had 2 year olds were very understanding. At the end of the class, James did try to give Snoopy a pacifier like you would baby sister and did hold the baby, but we were glad when it was done. Yes, it came to our attention after this episode that while James is generally well behaved that if we do not begin to be a little sterner during situations such as this that he will not be a well behaved little boy anymore. We will get there. So, on to the better news, my goodwill find.

On our way home from sibling class we were driving along Michigan Ave. (because we could not remember if there was a Bed Bath and Beyond over there..there is not) we decided to stop at the Goodwill Store. Alex and I had discussed last night that we had a problem because we did not have a changing room for baby girl's room. James changing table is simply a desk that we inherited and painted. James is not ready to give his up quite yet, so we needed something new. We could not justify the expense of a changing table, we could not justify the first time around. So, my husband suggested we look for a desk or something similiar at Goodwill. I thought this was a good idea (especially after pricing desks on-line). So, we walk into the Goodwill and amazingly and luckily we found exactly what we wanted for $17.99! For those of you familiar with what James desk looks like, this is one is exactly the same, but instead of shelves on the left side, there are drawers. So, we went to Lowes today I picked up some white and pink paint and in our basement the desk has been sanded and received its first coat of paint. The body of the desk is Ultra White and the Drawers are Hello Dolly! Pink (it is actually a nice powder pink.) I will share before after pictures once its done, but I am very pleased. Although the paint cost more than the desk.

Between sibling class and desk painting, I also took a nap today!

Hope you all had a good Saturday.


Alice said...

Goodwill is one of my favorite stores is you like what you find and find what you need!!

Jenna said...

Sorry sibling class didn't go so well for you... but it's probably best to have some of those epiphany moments of parenting now and then.

Glad you found a good deal! Looking forward to pictures!

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